Our Story

The journey of Webzetta began back in 2016. Being computer science students, we were introduced to various new technologies and tools. One particular domain that piqued our interest was Web Development and Data analysis. We had a dream of building a business since a long time. This was a perfect opportunity. Armed with the knowledge of the latest technologies and a wish to fulfill our dream, we set out on a beautiful journey. This was the birth of webzetta. webzetta is the culmination of several endless nights, hard working days, deciding upon the various functionalities of the website and overcoming some major hurdles. webzetta helped us develop ourselves and understand several aspects of life as well as a business. With time, we decided to help several other businesses become larger through webzetta. In this way we not only developed ourselves, but brought smiles on several faces by helping them build an online reputation.

Today we are still expanding, developing and learning. This journey has started, but while we are on this, we have several people travelling with us. One thing we are sure of, this journey will never end. Webzetta will grow and along with that, it will help many more people realise their dreams and aspirations.

Our Values

Every Business Deserves a Website

We believe every business deserves a website to reach out to a larger audience. Our team helps businesses get a website and transform into an established one.

Building Long Lasting Relationships

We learn and develop along with our customers and work as an unified team. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers which is built on respect and understanding.

Our Commitment to Customers

We value the time of our customers thus ensuring quality content and a hassle free payment process. None of our customers feel unsatisfied with our work because of our disciplined and passionate approach to work.